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Reasons for Business AS 4801 Certification

AS 4801 certification is an occupational health and safety management system. This ensures every organization complies with workplace health and safety laws, thus ensuring a conducive working environment for both the stakeholders and employees. Doing so will reduce the chances of injuries and related occupational diseases in the workplace, reducing medication expenditures.

Though injuries in the workplace are inevitable, every business should commit to being certified on laws regarding the safety and health of all individuals at the workplace; strictly following safe practices in business, whether small or large, leads to a reduction of risks hence fewer resources.

Why AS 4801 is necessary for your business

Although every worker is optimistic that all will be well, the risk is inevitable in any workplace; the only way to protect the workers is to reduce the chances of that risk. So businesses should follow health and safety regulations and laws strictly to avoid a lousy reputation and wasting resources on medics. Plus, increasing the morale of workers leads to high production and increased sale-volume because it ensures customers are retained, and new ones are attracted.

For each business wishing to be certified, they must follow set rules and regulations.

You will find requirements in different clauses that provide the structure for the business management system. These clauses include:

  • Clause 4- explains OHSMS requirements.
  • Clause 4.2- give detailed explanations of OHS policy.
  • Clause 4.3- deals with planning.
  • Clause 4.4- deals with how to implement.
  • Clause 4.5- deals with measurement and evaluation.
  • Clause 4.6- deals with management review.

In each clause, you should attain specific requirements for an efficient safety system. When a business reduces workplace injuries and illnesses, it does not help the workers only. Plus profits margins increased, because of less expense incurred daily.

Every committed business trying to acquire certification should not worry; irrespective of the size of the business, AS 4801 has no restriction to any business or industry, only attaining the minimum set requirement allows you to get a certification. Some can become certified if they follow these steps:

  • They are reading AS 4801 standards to get familiar with their intentions.
  • Getting a clue of set requirements of the new AS4801 cert and see how to develop in the business management system.
  • You assess your readiness for certification by analyzing and evaluating your business to identify areas that need improvement.

The process followed during the certification

Evaluate documents to assess whether the business has attained minimum requirement standards.

If your organization meets the minimum requirements, certification officers will visit the site to check documentation and discuss the new changes with employees.

Certification is issued after ensuring your business has met the minimum requirement; the certification statement shows that you have fully complied with all standards. Your certificate will be active for three years from the date of registration.

Here are the benefits of having a formal certified health and safety management system to a business:

  • Leads to accident reduction to workers and their related cost.
  • Reduction of Liability insurance cost
  • Confidence of stakeholders, workers, are boosted and international acceptance.
  • Provide a healthy working environment for employees, enhancing morale hence high production. Plus, customers maintain and attract new customers leading to a high volume of sales.
  • The health and safety risk of workers is improved.
  • Decreased accidents related to workplace and occupational diseases

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